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15 Jul 04 - 2 Apr 16
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Nick Taylor produced these photos of an astonishing trailer with an integrated boat.

This was too much temptation for me, so here is my rendition of the amazing trailerboat.

The boat is a proper design, not altered in any way to fit on the trailer and it should row or motor well. It has seats that form buoyancy tanks with 625lbs of buoyancy so the dinghy is suitable for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. It is designed to be built from 1/4" and 3/8" marine ply, joined by epoxy fillets and tape.

The trailer is an exact continuation of the dinghy design. Like the original, it has a large storage compartment at the front and then a sleeping cabin. The bottom of the hatch has been squared off for ease of build and to maximize the galley space. Building the trailer is quite a task, mainly in the doors, which are curved. It would be easiest to use the same epoxy fillet/tape joining method as the dinghy.

The last illustrations below show the dimensions needed to enter this design into Hull Designer (a free hull design program from Carlson Design) and the panel shapes for the sides and boat bottom panels produced by this program. The HUL file produced by this program and its text file output of the panel shapes, that can be used to plot the panels full size, can also be downloaded below.

2-D Design

The design is in several layers of a single drawing file, shown below:



All views in a zipped .dxf file.


View all the drawings as a .pdf file


Download the HUL file
Download the text file from Hull Designer