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This Serro Scotty trailer dates from 1959 and incorporates some unusual features. Inside the sloping rear door is a dropped footwell that nearly allows standing headroom - up to 5' 9". The Scotties used a torsion axle with a mechanical spring and this allows the dropped footwell to extend forwards between the wheels.

Thank you to whoever posted these photos on eBay of their trailer.

This design has been copied as closely as possible in the following drawings. The roof construction is a bit of a guess - it appears to be a single skin, but the roof spars are spaced in a curious way.

The interior design is, at best, strange. There is a large empty space at the rear between the two side cabinets, the dropped footwell exists only under the section of roof that curves down, there is no obvious way to set up a table (though the orignal trailers certainly did have one) and, by today's standards, the bed is narrow. In the drawings below an alternative interior arrangement is shown with a dinette that converts into a 60" wide bed - this reduces the length available for the cabinets but their depth has been increased to compensate.

2-D Design



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