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Breaks Interstate Park, Haysi, VA - Oct 3rd - 5th

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:38 am
by Mark & Andrea Jones
Anybody want to join us? Its about as far southwest as you can get and still be in the Northeast "quadrant". Yeah, I know this is the Midwest forum, but this park is on the border of VA and KY. Breaks Interstate Park


We'll be there for a whitewater release on the Russell Fork. There are also bunches of hiking and other stuff to do, also. There is a small lake in the park for paddling, if you are so inclined. The fall colors will be gorgeous and should be peaking around that time.

If you want to show up and would like someone to reserve your campsite (no early reservations allowed - must be done at the park - no exceptions), let us know. We are driving in on Friday afternoon and would be willing to hold a campsite or three. However, you've got to get some $$ to me to do that, so let me know.