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Camping at Ouabache State Park This Weekend

PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:36 pm
by roadmaven
Hi all...

If any of you are interested in camping with a few T@B owners this coming weekend (weekend of 4/2-4/4), some of us will be gathering at Ouabache State Park near Bluffton, Indiana (south of Fort Wayne). We'll be somewhere in Campground A: ... ectric.pdf

The park is still in pre-season mode, so no reservations are necessary...just show up & claim your site! Ouabache (pronounced "Wabash") also has a 20 acre preserve where they have 6 to 8 bison to look at. The full website withdirections is here:

Due to work, we won't be up til Saturday morning, but there'll be some rolling in on Thursday. Weather looks GREAT!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:02 am
by bobhenry
Thanks for the heads up Pat My weeekend is empty. I may just try and join ya.

Bob Henry

P.S. you do allow teardrops don't ya ? :lol: :lol:

P.S.S. Hey pat how many can we talk into the spring mill gathering
May 20- 23 ? Are you signed up yet ? We need 13 more for a
new record :thumbsup:

PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:58 pm
by roadmaven
The Mrs. & I scheduled those days off a couple months ago in case we can make it, but it's now up to our budget. We've got a 11 day trip to Utah planned for September, so the nickels & dimes need to be held close to the vest. Actually, we've really not discussed it yet, but I was scoping out the available sites last week on the DNR web site. Stay tuned!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:34 pm
by bobhenry
Save one dollar a day and you are in >>>>