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13th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:01 am
by Betsey
Calling all teardrops, travel trailers, tenters and curious onlookers!!!!!

It's time to register for the 13th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt. :dancing

Come join us for a few hours, a day or the entire weekend!

Here's what you need to know:

13th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt (CICO)

When: Friday, September 23 - Sunday, September 25
Where: Juneau County Castle Rock Park, Mauston, Wisconsin
Campsite Registration: On-Site - Per night: $14.00******

For complete information and to register for the Camp-Outt:

Questions? Email Betsey

Hope to see you there!


****** The park is giving everyone the non-electric rate. HOWEVER, in order to be eligible for this rate, you MUST let us know by Wednesday evening, September 21, if you are coming to the Camp-Outt. If your name is NOT on the attendee list by then, you will be charged the electric site rate of $19 whether you need it or not.

Re: 13th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:35 am
by Betsey
List of Attendees
(List will be updated daily)

To Date: 165 Attendees

Ben & Jessica B.
Joe B.
Randy B.
John & Ruth B.
Duke & Laurie B.
Scott B. & Martha S.
Cheryl C.
Tim C.
Bob & Risa D. & Matthew
Bob & Lisa K-D
Ron & Missy D.
Mary Beth D.
Craig & Betsey E.
John E.
Lori & Beth E. & Jim C.
Mark & Deb E.
Matt & Debi F.
Craig & Sue F.
Randy & Dorothea F.
Eric & Carolyn G.
Dale & Vickie G.
Mitch, Mackenzie, & Millie G.
Mark & Betsy G.
Bob, Heather, Katie, Sophia H.
Doug & Lisa H.
Todd & Jamee H.
Bob & Darcy J.
Gene & Gayle J.
Josh & Angie J.
Sherry K.
Jeff & Sheila K.
Kevin & Cindy K.
Steve L. & Jane M.
Chuck & Theresa L.
Jerry & Tina L.
Kelly L.
Dennis & Faye M.
Kevin & Jeni M.
Al & Annie M.
Parnell & Barb N., Ramona, Eli & Kayson
Mike & Carol O.
Jim & Sheri O.
David & Becky O.
Tom O.
Rick, Karen, Mandi, Josh, Rachel & Josie P.
Joe & Karen P.
Dan, Cathie, Tori, Massyn & Ayden P.
Jim & Kathy P.
Dustin & Kris P.
Maurie & Jan P.
Tom & Diana P.
Bob & Kathy P.
Dean & Karyn P.
Grant & Diane P.
Scott & Sue P.
Dennis & Jennifer R.
Greg & Rosa R.
Tim & Adrianne S.
Eric, Morgan, Sebastian & Natasha S.
Terry & Bess S.
Greg S.
Steve S. & Michelle P.
Ken & Rose S.
Darrel & Joanne S.
Jim & Joci T.
Paul T.
Steve T.
Chad, Cheryl & Ally T.
Mark & Linda U.
Mike & Chris V.
Paul V.
Glenn & Opal W.
Chuck & Barbara W.
Michael, Abbey, Devyn, & Hayden W.
Kenneth & Dixie W.
Jean W.
Cary, Holly, Nathan & Jillian W.

Furry Friend (FF) Attendees


Re: 13th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt

PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:28 am
by Betsey
If you registered for the Camp-Outt but did not make any purchases, please keep reading!

Last week, we discovered the email service that generates an email to us when you registered, discontinued its service back in March without giving us notice. Therefore, if you registered without making a purchase, we do not have record of your registration.

If this applies to you, please re-register using the Camp-Outt webpage. We have found a solution to the problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience but do want to make sure you are added to the list.



Re: 13th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:57 pm
by Betsey
Well, it's been a week since the 13th Camp-Inn Camp-Outt. We have finally tucked everything away until next year and now it's time for a huge THANK YOU to all who joined us.

In spite of the all the rain that week (got 6" in one night!) turning the park into an "aquatic center" (as Steve T. appropriately called it), we had a great turnout of 193 people, 76 teardrops, 11 other types of campers and lots of tents from 14 states, including New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona & Washington. :thumbsup:

Special thanks to the many helping hands that allowed the weekend to run smoothly. :applause:

Looking forward to next year! WooHoo! :dancing

Betsey & Craig