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15th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt (CICO)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 2:58 pm
by Betsey
Calling all teardrops, travel trailers, tenters and curious onlookers!!!!!

It's time to register for the Camp-Inn Camp-Outt! :dancing

Come join us for a few hours, a day or the entire weekend!

Here's what you need to know:

15th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt (CICO)

When: September 28-30
Where: Juneau County Castle Rock Park, Mauston, WI
Campsite Registration: On-Site - Per night: $14.00******

Click on the link below for registration & complete information on the Camp-Outt:

Questions? Email Betsey

Hope to see you there!


****** The park is giving everyone the non-electric rate. HOWEVER, in order to be eligible for this rate, you MUST let us know by Wednesday evening, September 26, if you are coming to the Camp-Outt. If your name is NOT on the attendee list by then, you will be charged the electric site rate of $19 whether you need it or not.

Re: 15th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt

PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:14 pm
by Betsey
List of Attendees
(List will be updated weekly)

To Date: 177 Attendees

We have received registration forms for:

Note: If you have any of the following letters - "S," "B," or "C" - next to your name, you have ordered Shirts, Beeswax, and/or Cranberries.

Chuck & Carol A.
Pam A. (S)
Dave & Karen A. (S)
Bill & Monica A.
Norm & Peggy B. (S,C)
Ben & Jessica B. (S)
Allen & Jean B. (S,C)
Jim & Selma B.
Joe B. (S)
Randy B.
Ruth B. (S)
Michael & Teresa B.
Duke & Laurie B. (S)
Jim & Deb C. (S,B,C)
Alan & Cathy C. (S,C)
Ron & Missy D.
Tony & Amy D.
Scott & Nancy D.
Scott & Lynne D.
Craig & Betsey E.
John E.
Max & Beth E. (C)
Beth & Lori E. & Jim C. (S)
Ed & Marci E
Jeff & Kelly E.
Mark & Mary E.
Jude & Shelby F.
John & Mary F.
Dan & Suzi G.
Jackie G. (S)
Kevin & Kara G. (S)
Mark & Sarah G. (S,B,C)
Rick H.
Henry H. (S)
Jim H. & Sue Z. (S)
Todd H. & Jamee V. (S)
Ron & Judy H.
Gary & Cheri J. (S)
Josh & Angie J. (S)
Don & Lee K. (C)
Mark & Linda K. (S)
Sherry K.
Jeff & Sheila K. (S)
Kevin & Cindy K. (S, C)
Tom & Dani K. (S)
Bob K.
John K. & Chris B. (S)
Jim & Sue L.
Theresa L.
Jerry & Tina L.
Kelly L.
Dennis & Faye M. (S)
Robert & Sherry M.
Al & Annie M.
Parnell & Barb N. (S)
Ramona, Eli & Kayson N.
Jim & Sheri O. (S)
David & Becky O. (S)
Tom O.
Joe & Karen P.
Jerry & Karol P.
Dustin & Kris P.
Carol P.
Brian, Julie & Ayanna R. (S,B)
Tim R. & Adrianne S. (S)
Gordon & Karen S. (S)
Eric, Morgan, Sebastian & Natasha S. (S)
Peg S. (S)
Kathy & Kristine S. (C)
Larry & Sue S.
Steve S. & Michelle P. (S)
Dick & Deb S.
Lee & Teresa S.
Ken & Rose S.
Jenn S.
Darrel & Joanne S. (S)
Bob T. & Jean W.
Charles T. (S)
Paul T. (S)
Steve T.
Mike & Chris V.
Kelvin & Barb V. (S, C)
Steve & Sarah V. (S)
Glenn & Opal W.
Jack & Mary Ellen W. B
James & Beryl W.
Kenneth & Dixie W.
Jim & Diane W.
Howard & Barb W.
Cary, Holly, Nathan & Jillian W.

Furry Friend (FF) Attendees


Re: 15th Annual Camp-Inn Camp-Outt (CICO)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:53 pm
by Betsey
Just a reminder to sign up for the 15th Camp-Inn Camp-Outt if you haven't already done so.

We currently have 177 people registered to attend (see list in previous post) and would love to have more!

Hope to see you in September!