We are planning some trips this Summer: Care to join us?

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We are planning some trips this Summer: Care to join us?

Postby Martinjmpr » Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:16 am

We posted these on our facebook (link below) but I wanted to put this out on the forums as well.

Yes, it's cold and snowy now (actually not too bad today, but the driveway is still covered with ice!) but it's not too early to be thinking about those great Summer days in the Rocky Mountain region and the great camping opportunities that await!

Liz and I and our little teardrop "Bubbles" will be going on several camping trips this summer, and we'd love to be joined by any other tearjerkers, TNTTT'ers or even just folks who want to tent camp or bring an RV!

Our first trip will be to the Beaver's Bend TD gathering in OK, but our first "local" camping trip will be Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-26, 2014) at John Martin Reservoir in Southeastern CO. We will be camping on the "Point" campground, away from the big RVs, and we will be at site 215. We already have a couple of other teardrops coming and we hope to see some of you there as well! You can reserve your campsite at the CO State Parks web site.


Campsites are only $16 if you don't need hookups, so a pretty good deal (note that if you don't have a park pass, you will need to pay an entrance fee.) I don't think any of the "point" campsites have hookups, just a camping area and water.

Our next trip will be to the Buffalo Creek Campground near Bailey, CO, June 6 - 8 2014. We will be at site no. 19. We also have at least one other trailer coming to that one. You can reserve your campsite at:


In addition to the above, we will be camping at the Bighorn RV Park in Coaldale (between Salida and Canon City along the Arkansas River) for the 4th of July weekend (July 3-6.) You can contact Bighorn here:


The owners of Bighorn, Judy and Doug, are great people and always make us feel very welcome! We are staying at a couple of "tent" sites down by the river, but you can call or email to reserve a spot if you want. We will be having our second annual "Hawaiian Luau" and tubing down the Arkansas!

In August we will be going to Walk the Winds in Wyoming, and we hope to make the Last Gasp in September as well.

Anyone who's interested can PM or email me, martinjmpr@yahoo.com for details. Also the link in my signature goes to our facebook page (Colorado Teardrops and Tiny Trailer Campers) so if you're on FB, please join our group so you can stay informed.

Hope to see many of you this Summer!
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