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Beaver's Bend Memories...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:49 pm
by 2bits
Hopefully we will keep doing Beaver's Bend in some way but this year marks the end of how we have always done it and another change as we have seen as with LCG and the old days. There are alot of new groups out there which are great but lest us not forget the old South Central crew has been at it a long time and has a rich and colorful history. New people have no clue what puddin head is!

In honor of that, let's bring any special items from years past related to memories of the event and set them up at the pavilion or at least talk around the campfire of all the things and people from Beaver's Bend past.

This is one of mine that I will be bringing when people were really involved and would just do things because they thought it was cool. A commemorative etched glass Beaver's Bend 6 mug from 2011 with my name on it.

bb 2011.JPG
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