Land of Mordor Mud Boggers Expedition May 19th - 22nd 2016

Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Alaska

Re: Land of Mordor Mud Boggers Expedition May 19th - 22nd 20

Postby ghcoe » Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:11 pm

Vedette wrote:Hi George from Boise
Thanks for your reply.
We do have a few Chapter members on our PNW Tear Jerkers Roster from in and around Boise.
And would love to have you onboard with us some day.
Sorry to hear you do not have a Passport, as there is some beautiful country to explore north of the 49th.
But, we are in the process of promoting more small gatherings in Eastern Wa. and Idaho under the Tear Jerkers banner.
Looking forward to meeting you somewhere down the road in the future.
Good Roads
& Good Camping
Brian & Sandi

Yes, it isn't called Beautiful British Columbia for nothing. Been to Victoria many years ago, that was before you needed a passport... Yes maybe someday we could connect on a trip. After all that is what TD's are for... (root beer) :beer:

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Re: Land of Mordor Mud Boggers Expedition May 19th - 22nd 20

Postby capnTelescope » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:37 pm

Sorry for the delay, everyone. I had a few things to take care of when I got home. :roll:

Randy gave a great account of the expedition. I'll just add a few comments with the pix I took.

I spent the day before at City of Rocks, ID.
Note the blue skies and fluffy clouds. The next couple of days were gray skies and rain. :rainy:

Off to Mordor. The first attraction was Piss Ant Butte.

Snowdrift Crater:
When you've seen two, you've seen 'em all. Note the raindrops on the mirror. I stayed in the truck.

Two-colored lupines:
There were quite a few other wildflowers out there. You just had to get wet(ter) to take a pic.

I have not yet begun to get muddy!

Sheepherder's monument. I think they build these out there to mark their territory. Or maybe there isn't much else to do. :NC
We didn't see any sheep. Maybe they stayed indoors and watched TV or something.

Now we're getting muddy!

Back to civilization and gassing up. Mud? Mud!

When the rain and the mud get to be the main topic, things weren't as much fun as they could have been. But Randy knows the territory, and he's a great guide. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate.

More muddyness: I spent 5 bucks at a coin-op car wash, and got the worst of it off. Mud got the wheels out of balance for the rest of the trip. 65 mph max to Kahleefoornya for IRG and all the way back to Texas.

For all the rain and mud, it was still a pleasure meeting and camping with Randy. I hope there's another Expedition next year. The weather would have to be better.
I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.


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