Parkfield Bluegrass Festival May 5-8 2016

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Parkfield Bluegrass Festival May 5-8 2016

Postby Esteban » Sat Jan 02, 2016 3:03 pm

The Parkfield Bluegrass Festival will be happening from Thursday May 5 through Sunday May 8, 2016 in the rural hamlet of Parkfield, in southern Monterey County, California. Four days of bluegrass including camping costs $95.00 (Early Bird price if purchased by 4/10/2016). This could be a fun teardrop gathering too. There are a number of different tickets and prices. Additional pre-festival camping days are only $12.00/day.

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Parkfield is a picturesque hamlet secluded on the central coast of California. 25 miles northeast of Paso Robles and surrounded by the best of California's natural beauty. Parkfield's clean air, warm nights, and idyllic setting mesh effortlessly with true american music: bluegrass.

Every mother's day weekend this quiet town's population leaps from a mere 18 to over a thousand bluegrass pickers, pluckers and fun-loving fans. For nearly 2 decades music fans have savored the natural beauty and peaceful ambiance of the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival. Nature's soothing sights and sounds combine with the soulful, high lonesome sound of bluegrass music for an experience that is unique to say the least.

At the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival live band's play all day on a cozy stage and at night fans enjoy late night sets in the Parkfield Cafe.

Meanwhile back in the campgrounds there are jam sessions galore. The festival also offers several workshops on a variety of instruments as well as a music camp for kids.

This mother's day weekend will find Parkfield once more transformed into bluegrass nirvana. We hope to see you there.

Dozens of acres of flat “boon-dock” style camping sites, plenty of shade, hot showers available and a limited number of electrical connections.

PRE-FESTIVAL CAMPING - Arrivals no earlier than Monday, May 4th, 2015. Pre-festival camping: (Mon., Tue., Wed.) is $12/night per site.
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Re: Parkfield Bluegrass Festival May 5-8 2016

Postby annsailor » Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:39 pm

Would love to go to this...However, we are going to IRG May 23. Next time.
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