California's Best Camping

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California's Best Camping

Postby Esteban » Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:36 pm

If you want to camp or travel in California here's a very useful website that's full of good information. I really like the regional maps with links to the campsites in them.

:thumbsup: California's Best Camping - A Guide to the Golden State's Finest Campgrounds can help you plan where to camp in California.
California's Best Camping covers more than 500
of the finest campgrounds in California.
From San Diego beaches to the Redwood Empire,
From Big Bear and Silverwood to Shasta and Trinity,
& all up and down the Sierra Nevada.
For Every Campground . . .

Complete campground descriptions
Campground facilities and amenities
Camping fees, check-in and check-out times
Reservation links whenever available
Nearby attractions and recreation

Our reviews include public campgrounds such as Forest Service, National Park, State Park, BLM, and Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds. We also include many regional park campgrounds and campgrounds offered by public and private utilities such as electric companies and irrigation districts. We do not include private RV Parks nor most privately operated campgrounds.
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