Attention, Lake Perris TD gathering!!

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Attention, Lake Perris TD gathering!!

Postby Roly Nelson » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:30 pm

No mention has been made about the biggest all-teardrop gathering in the world, which will take place March 23 to the 26th, right here in So Calif at Lake Perris, in March 23rd to the 26th. If you are within driving distance of this event, be sure to swing on by with you TD or just come on over for a visit, since walk-ins are always welcome. Come one come all, and if you have a vintage trailer, you can camp nearby, just across a small field and walk over to see the many teardrop gems on display. We are a friendly bunch, and who knows, the teardrop bug might bite you too. There will be a pot-luck Sat night and even intertainment, so I'm told. See you there. I'll be there complete with an all-wood, one-of-a-kind teardrop, complete with flip-down wooden flip-down Sony Plasma TV, connected to an all-wood, roof-top satelite dish. Reception is great......I get woody woodpecker flicks and Pinochio clips as well. Oh what fun.
:) 8) :applause: Roly, the li'l ol' woody TD guy in sunny So Calilf.
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Re: Attention, Lake Perris TD gathering!!

Postby Esteban » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:17 pm

Lake Perris Teardrop Gathering 2017 has more information and online registration.
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Re: Attention, Lake Perris TD gathering!!

Postby irgod32 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:04 pm

Those who build your own TD or Tiny Camping Trailer you may be interested in the gathering below :thumbsup:

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Re: Attention, Lake Perris TD gathering!!

Postby Syberia » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:48 am

My trailer wasn't completely done yet, but I live right across the freeway from there and totally missed it :(
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Re: Attention, Lake Perris TD gathering!!

Postby working on it » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:02 am

irgod32 wrote:Those who build your own TD or Tiny Camping Trailer you may be interested in the gathering below :thumbsup:

  • irgod32's "Home Built Designs and Original TD Gathering Sept 21-24 2017" planned event may be/have been a better choice for a lot of TnTTT 'ers, with an open to all format. From what I read, "teardrops only" are welcomed at Lake Perris. From the viewpoint of a builder of a "squareback" or "simple" (as shown on the design pages), that's a bit elitist for my taste; not consistent with the spirit embodied by this forum, which has been quite agreeable to trailers of multiple types (or one-offs, that are unique to themselves).
  • from the "Homebuilt Gathering" thread:This gathering will be focusing on home built tiny trailers. The idea for this gathering is to see as many styles and ideas for small camping trailers. I have been to a few Teardrop trailer gatherings and although all the original TD had a special place in time. Home built trailers whether built like the original "Teardrop" shape to a modified TD style or a completely original shape/design have always caught my eye. Mostly because when someone takes pride in their build, they seem to be more likely to use their trailer.
  • I've been welcomed to the South Central group, which is very informal as to trailer or people types- just camping-minded folks need apply. Most were introduced to it through this forum. I felt drawn to them from the first camp I shared with them, unlike a previous group I had been a member of.
  • The previous group I refer to is not camping or trailer-related, but a car club. My car (and others)were of the same marque, vintages, and general aspects, but not of the same pedigree (numbers matching), nor quality (works in progress, imperfect paint, etc.). I often felt out-of-place among them, and eventually I organized the downfall of that club (never belittle any man's pride-and-joy).
  • I may be wrong about the Lake Perris group, or similar "teardrops only" gatherings, but as long as mikeschn welcomes all types of like-minded people to his forum, then I'll not try to attend any elitist gatherings. P.S. perhaps only "vintage" trailers (survivors from the 30-40-50's "golden age") should have their own special place of honor...but none should be turned away for being different.
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