1st time teardrop buyer

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1st time teardrop buyer

Postby Wazat roller » Sun Jun 19, 2011 9:43 pm

Hello gang, another Ottawa 1st time teardrop buyer, Found myself a wazat in Smiths Falls, I hope they are good builders and this serves me well for a few yrs. Heading to Fitzroy next weekend to test things out. My wife and I are doing a 2 week trip to Nova Scotia at the end of July and cannot wait to get some real travel time in. If you guys have any good buys that are must haves for teardrops let me know. I am a Backcounty camper at heart but the wife is not so this is my solution for her and she leaves the backcountry to me and the boys. Is a first up canopy a good buy choice for shade/ cooking shelter ? Info would by great thanks all
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Postby madjack » Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:05 pm

Welcome...the First Up is a good start...you can get both solid and screen side kits for them...around 35buxUSD at Academy, WalMart and many sporting good outlets...if your wife is not a backwoods type(or even if she is) the addition of a shower/potty tent with a portapotti device of some sort can go along ways toward keeping her happy...they run 40bux USD upto over 100 at all the usual places...the Wazats have a good reputation and remember...HAVE FUN and don't forget the pics...we luv 'em, doanchano...............
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