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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:08 pm
by grant whipp
Hey, All!

I'd like to remind, encourage, and invite ALL event hosts and/or organizers to send your Gathering info/announcements to me at for inclusion on my Events Listings Calendar, DESTINATIONS! Page - ... it is THE most viewed page on my site, and is one of the most comprehensive chronological listings of Teardrop and Teardrop-friendly events on the web (several other sites copy it verbatim, with permission!).

A handful of you folks already send me your info (thank you very much!), but the vast majority of you don't (maybe because you are not fully aware of the advantages of doing so ...?). That page is a FREE service to ALL Teardrop & Camping Trailer Enthusiasts and the folks who host/organize events for them ... all I ask is that you follow a particular format when sending me the info ( ) and that you put it in the body of your e-mail, not some word.doc.

Nearly all of the folks who already send me their gathering info will tell you, a great number of the "newbies" who show up at their events are referred to them by way of the DESTINATIONS! Page ... so it would stand to reason that you have absolutely nothing to loose and certainly a LOT to gain by sending me your info. Please consider doing so!

Here's to another great year of camping with the most fabulous folks in the world: Teardrop & Tiny Trailer Enthusiasts ... :thumbsup: ...!



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