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How to use Google Photos in the forum

Postby 3GKnight » Wed May 11, 2016 10:45 am

So I'm a big fan of the Google. (I fully expect the Terminator stories to come true and Skynet will actually be named Google and all the evil robots will be brightly colored...) I had been hosting my post photos through Photobucket, but figured there had to be a way to use Google Photos as a host. It took a little research but there is a way and it's very handy since that's were I have my phone photos automatically dumped anyway.

To embed a picture directly from Google Photos:

1. From the Google Photos web program, open the photo far enough that it's the only picture you can see
2. Right click on the picture
3. Select "Copy image address" (if you don't open the photo far enough, you'll have "Copy link address" available, which is not the same thing)
4. In your tnttt post editor, select the "Img" button
5. Paste using Ctrl+V or right-click "Paste"

You'll now have a very long series of characters between the Img blocks. It's long but it doesn't matter. And I mean long as in:

At this point, the photo should show up in your post preview. If so, you're ready to go!

Now the other cool thing is that you can resize this picture. To resize a Google Photo directly in the post:

1. Find the section of the image address with the "w###-h###" (it should be at the end)
2. Do math to keep the proportion (in my case, w1867-h1051 resized to 1/3 = w622-h350)
3. Replace the numbers behind the "w" and the "h" with smaller numbers to get a smaller picture, larger numbers for a larger picture (the "w" is for width, "h" is for height)

So the above image address, resized to 1/3 the original, ends up looking like this:


And there you have it. I'm glad I don't have to use Photobucket anymore!
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