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Re: Calling for 10 year and longer members

Postby Woodstramp » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:57 am

Ironic finding this topic. I did a TD build like ten years ago and just happened to pop in after that gap to scrape pics from that build thread.

Been gone about ten years, but back again today because I'm thinking of another build. :)

Regardless, hello to everyone.
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Re: Calling for 10 year and longer members

Postby jandmz » Tue Jan 07, 2020 9:48 pm

I have been on the forum since 2009. I was interested in the teardrop trailers, and considered building one. But at the time I started following the forum, I was camping in both a vintage 1966 Apache Buffalo popup and a 2003 Coleman popup.

My wife really likes the creature comforts. Our Coleman had a built in cassette toilet that we both really appreciated. She also likes and a bit more space than the teardrop allows. She feels that the teardrop would be too confining for her.

Since we were approaching retirement, we settled on a 23 foot travel trailer as our "retirement camper". We have been on many really good trips in it and are looking forward to many more.

I still check in here frequently. Although I have never camped in a teardrop, I enjoy talking with other members in the vintage equipment, camping tips and cast iron sections. I also like seeing where people are finding nice places to camp in the regional sections. It gives us ideas for future trips.

There is a lot here for non-TD people.
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