Electric heater options?

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Re: Electric heater options?

Postby gudmund » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:28 pm

the Handy Heater and the Lasko heater are both hot air heaters and are both very QUITE being they are very low wattage heaters and do not need that strong of a fan to operate. I have also found they both work great for just warming up the trailer some time before bed time and when getting in side for bedtime I usually end up shutting it off being my body heat and breathing seem to keep things warm enough when sleeping in such a small place, even it I need to turn it on for some heat, it is not that loud. Now when I first tried using a regular sized 1500 watt heater (Cube Heater) - I agree!! it was just too much!! too noisy and just too HOT!!! just plain "in your face" HOT!!!! even when just using it's lowest setting at 600 watts - noisy and hot!! The Lasko is only 200 watts and the Handy Heater is 350 watts with a 2 speed fan - the low speed on it is about as loud as the single speed setting on the Lasko but even on the Handy Heater's high speed, it is not that loud. So far the Handy Heater is checking out fine with it's heat settings and timer system and I am really liking it!!!! I really like it not having a power cord - just plug it into the wall plug-in socket and it stays in place and being my trailer has a center located wall plug-in between my overhead cabinets, it works fine. The Lasko has a power cord and a shelf is needed to set it on when using it, also it has NO thermostat and has to be shut off when warm enough being it just has a on/off switch, but being it is just 200 watts, it never gets that hot. What is also nice about both of these heaters is that neither take up much space and can be stored away out of the way when traveling - so little space that I have had to try and remember where I had put it last when I wanted now to use it. The Handy Heater is 6 inches tall, 3.25 wide and 4 inches deep with the Lasko being actually just a bit smaller but with a power cord!!!
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Re: Electric heater options?

Postby JonchaVilla » Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:02 am

I was thinking the heating option in my project and found out the option of using a floor heater. I need to examine this: http://www.ebeco.com/indoor/caravan-underfloor-heating I need to do some research with it :) Anyone got experience about floor heaters?
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Re: Electric heater options?

Postby Tomterrific » Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:13 am

A floor heater under a mattress would be insulated enough to be dangerous and ineffective. Try an electric blanket on top of your bed. The surface area is large enough to heat the air as well as warm the bed.

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Re: Electric heater options?

Postby Kayaker1971 » Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:22 am

Update: the oil filled radiator is great. unfortunately, the "hammered metal" paint I used never stopped stinking. so I have ordered another for $25 on amazon. one negative is that its a radiant so if u open the camper door and lose ur heat, it takes a while to recover. it also takes a while to warm up the camper. on the plus side, it is silent. thats big.

meanwhile, I bought a small cheapo "comfort zone" ceramic from walmart for $15. it also has issues, noisy, and on hi the thermostat fools itself and it shuts down often. as a plus, the hot air instantly warms the space. and recovers fast from an open door. It runs at 750 and 1500 watts on lo and hi. in my TT, the 750 level is adequate to keep the camper comfortable on a 10 degree night (tonight) so the problem with it early cycling on hi is not an issue. but I dont like the noise.

so i ordered another oil filled and I will not paint this one lol, and keep the ceramic for a backup.

I should add that I have not and dont plan to camp in winter and if I do, there arent many places open with electricity anyway. but doing this exercise is good just in case and cuz its fun.

finally, I looked at VENTED propane heat. I do NOT trust unvented anything. oxygen sensors help but I just wouldnt be able to sleep. there is a VERY cool marine one called Cozy Cabin. It is vented, and it still has a low oxygen cutoff It's marine so it's stainles and its small with a 1" vent pipe. I have no idea how good it is in practice and they are expensive $500 or so. Also, I read that a 20lb propane tank doesnt like to make gas at very cold temps. I think a blanket may help with that, not sure.

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Re: Electric heater options?

Postby slowcowboy » Sun Mar 05, 2017 10:48 am

I think a small cube one from wallymart like a 1000 watter would plumb fine after all your plugged into a drop cord..

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