need help locating an RV entrance door

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need help locating an RV entrance door

Postby ibbuckshot » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:59 pm

Greeting folks,
I am about to start putting together some parts in order to start building my all aluminum ultra lite cargo conversion camper. After searching the internet and finding a million and one sites on RV doors, some of which even have RV doors, I thought I would tap into all the experience here on the TTT site. Many of you folks on here have forgotten more than I know or will learn about the topic of building a camper. I had drawn up some plans a few years ago and some discussion was held on the subject with some really good ideas thrown out there. Back then I ran into a problem. My want to's were having trouble keeping up with my can do's....... I had to put the whole thing on hold. After reaching that blissful period called retirement I found out that I no longer get overtime ..........In fact I no longer get weekends off ! ! ! I have been trying to determine which company builds a good quality RV door to install in my build. If any of you PRO's out there would be so kind as to offer some of that hard earned experience on the subject I would be really appreciate it. Thank you.
Have fun,
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