Places NOT to Off Road

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Places NOT to Off Road

Postby Tom&Shelly » Wed Jan 22, 2020 9:04 am

Now that I'm safely retired, guess I can tell this story: I moved to New Mexico some years ago when I took a job on the local Air Force base. The place I worked was a fair distance from the main base, and there is a small mountain behind us where folks would jog and mountain bike, so when I bought a Jeep, a friend and I decided we should test its 4wd ability one lunch hour.

I'd vaguely heard that the land had once been used to test weapons, train special forces, and such.

So we took some likely looking trails, and, at one point, saw we were coming up to the back of a sign...


Difficult to make out in the picture, but that's a skull and crossbones under the lettering. I swear the other end of the road was not signed. :FNP

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Re: Places NOT to Off Road

Postby slowcowboy » Wed Jan 22, 2020 9:46 am

Places your gps leads you off the main paved highway in wyoming...wink...espically in the winter time on unplowed dirt roads. Slow
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Re: Places NOT to Off Road

Postby RJ Howell » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:30 am

Well at least the sign states singular...
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Re: Places NOT to Off Road

Postby Squigie » Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:35 am

I love the desert. You never know what you'll find.
When I was a kid, we hunted rabbits in an area that still had signs up from the temporary cordon around the VX nerve agent incident area near Dugway Proving Ground.


#1 lesson I learned in the military, about dangerous stuff: EOD personnel think they are gods, and, as such, are very complacent ... until they lose their first few fingers.
#2 lesson I learned in the military, about dangerous stuff: If there is an unavoidable danger, EOD won't tell you about it until you're out of harm's way, or waiting on life flight.

I used to do a lot of helicopter recovery missions on the Eglin AFB bombing range, and in live-fire LZs. Many stories. Much stupidity.

One of the more notable incidents was a helicopter that had uncommanded flight controls, so the pilots slammed it to the ground as quickly, but safely as they could. Once we corrected the issue (a faulty circuit breaker constantly cycling a hydraulic valve on and off), the aircraft took off.
...But not before a couple cluster bomblets detonated as the helicopter drug its landing gear out of concertina wire that it had landed on.
EOD: "Oh. Yea... We knew those were there. But there was nothing we could do about it without blowing holes in the helicopter. Next time, tell the flight crew to find a better spot to land..."
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Two weeks later, that EOD guy was severely injured by a detonation set off by the truck he was driving across the same LZ to transport some UXOs to a pit for controlled detonation.

This is a place NOT to go off-roading. (There are no gates to keep people out - just 'restricted area' signs on the main roads. That live-fire LZ was the worst that I had the displeasure of working in.)
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Re: Places NOT to Off Road

Postby John61CT » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:02 am

People love taking such signs home for souvenirs.

Like top of Australia, the ones in waterways warning tourists about the 12' saltwater crocs living there

disappear each season. . .
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Re: Places NOT to Off Road

Postby Modstock » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:45 pm

This is a bombing range road. Can be closed any time for ordinance removal.
If your caught on the other side. You could be in the desert for awhile till it opens back up. No other way around. Image

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