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Postby dguff » Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:39 am

Lot5studio wrote:where are you seeing it for 450???? their site says 629.

TomS wrote:
mikeschn wrote:
SteveH wrote:All of the Harbour Freight trailer frames are bolted, and yes, I believe they are cheaper.

The 5x8 red trailer certainly would have been cheaper than the route I went. But then again, it doesn't have a torsion axle, and those fancy star wheels that I've been drooling over for 2 years!!! It's all in what you want I guess!

Here's the link that Tom found for red trailers!!!


I'll be odering my 5 x 8 RedTrailer at the end of the week. I just noticed the the price has dropped to $450. It was $500 when I first spotted them a few weeks ago.

I haven't decided if I'll drive to PA to pick it up or spend the $90 to have it shipped. By the time I spend the $$ on gas and tolls, I won't be saving much. However, I am feeling the effects of cabin fever. A road trip might be nice.

This thread was started in 2005 and those price quotes are from 2007. Current prices are higher.

I have built three bolted frames which worked very well.


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Postby treemaker » Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Larwyn wrote:
D. Tillery wrote:Larwin, Impact Wrench...Man after my own heart. :thumbsup:

We don't take no B.S. from cheap asian (aka HF) hardware down here in Texas! :D

D. Tillery

The impact wrench is a natural, considering my inclination toward favoring the hammer as the one most important tool a man can own. If the hammer is heavy enough the job can never be too large....... :lol:
That being said I have to admit that I almost never drive a nail with a hammer, air nailers rule. But for convincing a steel frame member to move into square or flat or to move a framing member that 1/64th of an inch nothing can beat a few pounds of steel on a hickory handle...... :twisted:

Beware the kilted Texan with a brace of 3 pounders (pun intended)..... :lol:

If it don't fit you need a bigger hammer. :lol:
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