Dicor sealant - my experience

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Dicor sealant - my experience

Postby les45 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:14 pm

After reading some posts on the Forum about the benefits of Dicor over silicone, I decided to try it on my current pop-up project. I used the self leveling kind on my fan installation and then used the remainder of that tube on most of my horizontal joints in the roof and shell. I bought a tube of the non-self leveling type for my vertical joints and and the angled areas at the bottom of the shell. The first thing I found was that water does not help in smoothing out a bead. In fact, water seems to make it sticky and is nearly useless for cleanup. I used a dry finger to smooth out the beads and dry paper towels to wipe off the buildup on my hands. Both types of Dicor dry fairly quickly so you have to apply it in short sections of about 2 to 3 feet and then immediately smooth it out. Also, when you release the plunger to take the pressure off the tube, the Dicor will continue to ooze out of the tip for a few seconds so you need to keep a paper towel under the tip anytime it's not in use. When it came time to clean up, I tried soap and water (per the directions on the tube) and acetone. Neither worked. I finally found that the only thing in my shop that would clean the Dicor was Goo Gone and a Dobie scrubbing pad. Just a little feedback for anyone else who might want to use this sealant.
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