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North Coast/DNM

Postby Rivulet » Sat Sep 06, 2014 10:07 pm

Has anyone had experience with DNM Teardrops out of Eugene? One of the founders is starting up another business in Portland and we're thinking of having him build a custom trailer for us, but he doesn't have a website so we don't know what the track record is.

Thanks folks!
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Re: North Coast/DNM

Postby gudmund » Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:09 pm

I have 4 x 8 foot one I had built in 2012, it is very basic nothing fancy and it is still doing fine. Have had a few issues with the doors leaking, fenders mounted too low, spare tire issue and have fixed most of them and/or am dealing with them myself. He put a one year warranty on it when I bought it which was fine except for the big problem of buying something so far away from home. I t was just to far to deal with a problem being I live over 350 miles from where it was built. He took care of the spare tire problem. I ended up remounting the fenders higher for more tire clearance along with powder coating being the fenders were only spray painted and started pealing. The frame needs some paint now for the same reason. A lot of this is maintenance but if powder coating had been done to begin with this would not be needed except for touch up. The doors are a funny deal being I never had leaks when it was towed by my S-10 but since I now tow it with a Colorado I have leaks. This truck is wider and has more open fenders which seems to kick the water more away from the PU and down the sides of the trailer where with the S-10, the water seemed be caught inside the fender, than it just dropped to the road under the trailer and not so much down the sides of the trailer as it dissipated. Also had a small problem with the kitchen shelf across the back being gaps opened up at each end where the connection was with the side walls - it had been end nailed into the edge only. I used some L angle on each side with screws under the shelf to re-attach it to the walls and beef it up. The rear hatch has had no leaks except for the hinge being cut to short on each end so as water when draining off the outside surface of the door when open will leak into the kitchen area. If an inch or two the hinge on each side would have been left to start with, water would just drain down the side of the trailer. I have plans to replace the hinge some day to fix this. Until then, I place a towel on each side to absorb the water. All things considered along with what I paid for it, it has had a few short comings but is fine. Next time I would try and find someone closer to my home to buy it from in case of future problems. But, if there is to be a next one to be purchased in my lifetime, my thought now would be to buy one of their kits and assemble it myself.
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