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Postby ray suarez » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:27 pm


I am narrowing my camper search down to a few camper company's but they are at the top of the list, and would like any feed back please.

Sadly I am budget driven and don't have the money to make a mistake, the wife says my toys is going to count for a few years of Christmas and Birthday presents.

Any thoughts on them, good or bad, and any comparable that any one can recommend.

Does any one own one?

ray suarez
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Postby Cathy P. » Tue Dec 12, 2017 9:40 am

At this link to another forum, "Cheap RV Living", someone had purchased one. Although I didn't look around, the individual may have posted elsewhere, so a search there might be helpful, or if you become a member (free), you could "pm" that person for feedback.

Have you looked at the "Runaway", I have seen numerous posts on that one and positive comments, although very small with basically the area of a teardrop? http://runawaycampers.com/ If you are looking for a "standie", I can't think of anything off-hand.

If you belong to Facebook, the Wee Roll people post, I think, every unit they produce. They are pretty new, so it will be some time before reviews really start to surface.

Did you look at Rustic Trail? I have seen positive comments on them. https://www.rustictrailteardrops.com/ I really like them, but they appear to not have any insulation, don't think the Runaway does either, and in my case, it is either "hot" or "cold" when I came.
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Postby ray suarez » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:01 am

Thank you very much for your response

I did take a ride up and looked at runaway as they were right down the street from them as well.

I felt based on my observation, runaway was no comparison, they were wood, only 4 x 8 x 4 they were seamed together at the wall and roof by some type of plastic or vinyl strip which looking at reviews that strip tends to crack and cause leakage, and their wires were exposed under camper that if you hit a branch in the road they would be pulled off, tires were smaller and frame was not that strong, but they did a beautiful finish job they looked great.

The weeroll guy pointed out how their roof is wrapped over the sides so it cannot leak , wires run inside trailer and the steel construction was solid as a tank, I think that was a little over done but was promoting that when I was not camping I could use for other things, which got me thinking.

Now the choice becomes do I build a steel or aluminum camper, I will say I was impressed with the quality of construction they are putting out and the price seems to be fair.

Will keep page updated on my decision
ray suarez
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