Completed Weekenders, any photos?

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Completed Weekenders, any photos?

Postby Brushy_Bill » Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:56 pm

I have looked through the stickie thread above.
Many of the links did not work on my Android.
If you have built a Weekender with insulated
walls and ceiling, can you post some links
to threads?
Links to photo hosting sites would be helpful

I keep bouncing back and forth from this design,
and the Wyoming Woodie which is a more traditional
I like the looks of the weekender. But would have to
be a five foot wide, and I have to have insulation.
I am well versed in Turbocad cad software, so
modifying the original weekender designs
to be insulated panels should be easy enough.

I remember seeing some photos of a Weekender
build where the rear hatch extended all
the way to the bottom of the rear. That is the
direction I would want to take. Should have book
marked it but didn't.

I know the search function is my friend, and I
introduced myself to it. Most results seemed
to take me to threads on the Weekender XL
build. Which I read anyway just because I thought
it was a cool build. But, still not what I was looking

Any info from those who have built some would
be appreciated.
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Found them

Postby Brushy_Bill » Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:46 pm

Found them in Frank's photo's.
Thank you Frank for taking the time
to upload them.

edited to show link to photo gallery
Thanks again Frank.
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