Tow Bar Needed project crosses Europe with TTT, but w/o car

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Tow Bar Needed project crosses Europe with TTT, but w/o car

Postby timmermansr » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:51 am

A Dutch TTT project:

Hitchhiking with a caravan, a true adventure! Who takes me along and where will I end up? On Sunday, January 3rd 2010, musician Tjerk Ridder left Utrecht, Holland, with a caravan – but without a car – hitchhiking to the three 2010 European Cultural Capitals : the Ruhr-Area in Germany, Pécs in Hungary and Istanbul in Turkey.

The idea behind this journey is to make personal connections between people and cultures, from the idea that "you need others to get further". Other important themes include sustainability (we travel CO2-neutral) and inspiration.


The plan is now to bring our TTT to the USA in (May?) 2011, to trailer-hitchhike from the east to the west coast. Any ideas, suggestions (technical, practical or personal), invitations to gatherings or events, and media relations are very welcome.

Please follow our current 2500 mile journey diagonally through wintery Europe at

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