any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

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any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby slowcowboy » Fri Sep 23, 2016 7:48 am

I am into new hobbys. and its stuff besides teardrops and camping just courus what everyone else does for fun besides camping............I been though a failed engagement and I go years with out dating as dating is so tough in my state of Wyoming so to stay not relapsing on the romantic blues. I am into new hobbys and am in my 40s with mid life crisis this week I found a new hobby...............I went out to the abandon Chicago northwestern railroad line north of riverton Wyoming and explored a old railroad bridge across the big wind river north of riverton and rediscoverd that I am crazy about railroad bridges and found my new crazy wacky hobby! then I discovered I like to hike last Monday to the top of moutains not rock climb even though I have done that before .........but normal walk up a mountain side..............and sit on a high rock on top...............or like alabma sings go climb that thar I decided to start a new tread and find out what other people have for crazy wacky hobbys that they are into that's not chime in here folks just for fun...........what do you all like to do when your bored? then I hit facebook started to show my railroad bridge photos off on facbeook and discovered a new fun thing show one photo that's not a good dead give away of where I am at and play waldo at home and let my friends and family try to guess where I am standing at in Wyoming at home...........that went over really well comared to normal facebook topics of politics and relationship crap and all the normal facebook does any one have any wacky just crazy hobbies besides camping that they do for you do any silly stuff just for fun............heres the tread for it...............slowcowboy.............
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Re: any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby Roly Nelson » Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:44 pm

Nope, not unless falling in love after 83, hugging and kissing everyday and enjoying life to it's fullest, is what you mean.
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Re: any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby DezPrado » Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:17 am

Hmmm, crazy wacky definition certainly ain't in the eyes of the one doin' the hobby. Perhaps one should ask if they know of anyone doing a wacky hobby. That might open up a discussion or three :D
Some of my relatives think my passion for camping with the teardrop is wacky (they love the RV's), but I certainly don't. :thumbdown:
I used to make & fly a lot of kites some years ago, until I moved location. I was labelled eccentric for that for awhile.the kites that is
So, Slow: I wouldn't be too hasty to say that your enthusiasm to climb/walk mountains in the mode you describe is wacky or even crazy. seems delightfully reasonably normal to me.
Go for it though, & enjoy life as you do it!
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Re: any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby troubleScottie » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:25 pm

We are breeders of Scottish Terriers for about 30 years. We obviously have lots of dogs at home; go to AKC dog shows; breed dogs; raise litters; travel all over the US and Canada and around the world going to see other dog people and dog shows. Visited Sweden, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, and Australia to name a few. Our dogs have covered ever more countries. Raising dogs is more a vocation rather than hobby. Although it can be done on the cheap, it is a fairly expensive hobby in time, money and resources. Generally a 7 day a week commitment. A lot like having kids, except you can sell/give them if you do not want them any more. It can be rewarding -- nothing is better than puppy breath from a week old puppy, than maybe from two puppies.

Given the amount of stuff and dogs and distances, this is not a TD type endeavor. If you go the RV route (we have not), you are mostly looking at the 36' toy hauler versions. Space for the dogs and grooming the dogs, plus equipment plus you. Generators and AC are required. We are generally drive or fly to shows, stay in hotel, drive or fly back. The dog car is a Dodge Caravan -- all seats down, filled top to bottom, front to back with crates, pens, grooming tables, supplies and luggage. With some thought, a 3rd person can ride along, although I would not want be that person.
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Re: any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby MadMango » Tue Oct 18, 2016 3:14 pm

From about 1997-2006 I was a "paranormal investigator" in Los Angeles. Our group was on a few television shows, such as a BBC special, Dead Famous, a Univision program, and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I was (and am) the skeptic of the group, but can say that I have experienced things that I could not explain. The great thing was providing relief to families than were living very uncomfortable lives, and returning a sense of normality (or at least acceptance) to them. Also amazing was the trust that total strangers placed in our group. We could have told families that their Flat Screen TV (remember the time period, a big ticket item) was possessed and we had to take it away. They probably would have held the door for us.

We collectively decided to stop as popularity of the show Ghost Hunters (and other shows) were on the rise, and there were "expectations" we had to meet for clients. Dumb stuff, like dressing in dark colors, having 6 remote, static cameras (6 cameras taping for 3hrs each- that's a lot of burned personal time reviewing that footage), and having all the answers. It was also tough dealing with people that needed psychological help but were too convinced of their situation to seek help. We could only refer help.

I've smelt the "smells", had my clothes and hair tugged, been tapped and scratched on the arms and shoulders a few times, seen items move across a room (naked eye and on video), and heard strange sounds. I've also debunked "blood stains" as candle wax, stopped a family from hearing voices (neighbor's tv) by hanging a towel in their window, and played general therapist to lonely people. It was fun and interesting for me, but never scary... maybe a few times I got goose bumps.
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Re: any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby PanelDeland » Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:08 pm

Nothing too crazy or whacky but way too many. I read, I read a lot, 3-4 novels a week, 10-12 periodicals (magazines) a month (not much work related tech since I retired but still some for classic rides and other interests like TDs), restomod old vehicles, play with Model trains, model cars, build/refinish some simple furniture, have Yorkshire terriers ( I think I'm living with 17,18,19, 20,{many elderly rescues in the last 20-25 years though all young right now} and two Poodle/Chinese Crested crosses) but don't show or breed them. I also collect die cast classic cars in both 1/24 and 1/64 scale and am a big fan of repurposing 'stuff", like the dining hutch top that is now a display case for my 1/24 scale models or the car wheel hose rack. I also do most of my own home repairs/upkeep (I'm currently rebuilding a deck, just waiting for decent weather to seal it), and my next project will probably be a shed. I also cook, indoors, outdoors and mostly healthy, though I do some baking. I do some hobby welding for myself an occasionally for friends, and repair various household stuff for people also. I live in a neighborhood with lots of elderly so there's seldom a week I don't get something down from a closet shelf, attic or change a high light bulb or some other little chore. I do it because they're my neighbors and to date I've lived here 12 years, the only compensation has been a batch of cookies here and there because I wont accept anything else (prediabetic so I don't eat them but do accept them to be polite). I'm also a hoarder of tools. I have one small car in my two car garage and have to move stuff to get it out (thus the need for the aforementioned shed). I have everything from wrenches to welders and am still adding or will be once I build a shed since I'm out of room. I did at one time dabble in "Falconry" but I don't have the time a Bird really needs and try not to be selfish towards animals needs so now I mainly read bit about it. Did I mention I read? No whacky hobbies but a somewhat whacky mix.
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Re: any one got any crazy wacky hobbies?????

Postby BigGoofyGuy » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:16 pm

Would trying unique food combinations be considered a wacky hobby?
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