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I use everything depending on what we are doing. I've forgotten my butane tanks back at the house and I luckily had my trusty Coleman Stove #502 that was willing and able. In this picture I had both!

I have simular setup. except Coleman Dual Fuel Stove#533 and a Sigg multi fuel ( for backup - fit in a coffee cup - where it is stored ). A Colman "Deluxe Perfect flow" 1# bottle Butane Stove and a Montgonery Wards White Gas Stove ( all brass - Coleman look-a-like camp stove ) found at a yard sale for $2. ;)

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Postby PresTx82 » Tue Dec 25, 2007 9:46 pm

You gotta love those yard sales!
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Yard sales

Postby doitright » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:20 am

Love them. I just got a 14" Lodge DO for $3.oo and it was used only once. I love the campfire for cooking but to tell the truth use the propane most of the time. I love the old gas stoves look great and also the lanterns. I used them for years but just got tired of spilling gas on my feet and all over my hands when filling them. I used a propane stove untill it got stoped by bad gas. I am back to the gas stove but use a propane conversion on it with a 20# tank. Now the stove dose not heat as good now using propane but it dose heat better than the propane stove. Now if I could find a conversion for my lanterns so I could start using my red lantern again.
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