Techni Ice reply from ebay seller

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Techni Ice reply from ebay seller

Postby oklahomajewel » Thu May 17, 2007 11:15 am

I got this , a quick reply! , from the ebay seller "awl.."
Indeed a good ebay-er!

We are very sorry you did not get positive results from your product. There are several factors that may have caused your disappointment.

We find in almost all cases were customers are not satisfied the main reason is the techin ice is not activated enough. All cells must be very firm and when pressed just barely a indentation can be obtained in each cell. Plus, the colder the techni ice is frozen the better (chest freezers are better than refrigerator freezers). If items are pre-cooled, then cooler will last longer. Or one has a very poor quality cooler.

You must use 1 sheet of techni ice for every 7 quarts of of cooler, so three sheets of techni ice would only give positive results in a 21 quart cooler or less.

Cooler quality does make a difference, hard side coolers are better verses soft-side coolers.

If you would like to try again using these important steps we will extend your trial time for 15 days from today 5/16/07.

If not you may send all your techni ice back (including the 3 sheets you have used) and we will credit your pay pal account in full less shipping as soon as we receive the product back.

Thank You for trying our product,

New Century Products

Troutville, Va. 24175
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Postby Loader » Thu May 17, 2007 11:18 am

Can't complain about that response. Good to see good customer service hasn't completely died.
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