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Re: Carrying Fresh Eggs

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:04 am
by Bill n Robi
Now there is an app I would buy - locations of fresh veggie stands with farm fresh eggs....

I use the 'egg beater' option a lot.

Freeze them, adds to lower electric consumption on the refrig. Only issue with them is baking, since they are pasteurized they don't raise up. Making a cake or my breakfast quiche I have used some sparkling water but fresh eggs are the best. My breakfast mashed potato pancakes are good with eggbeaters but for scrambled eggs nothing is as good as a real egg.
I also add a splash of egg beaters to my scrambled along with a couple tablespoons bell pepper puree.

Also one more for the 'I hate that yellow egg holder' - I think it was made for small eggs, not that I buy the large ones but really tired of broken eggs. It does good for hard boiled eggs but really only need a few for salads and tuna fish.