What kind of sticks would you build with?

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Re: What kind of sticks would you build with?

Postby fm-usa » Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:26 pm

tony.latham wrote:
I see your using TB and it has it's places. But on open surfaces, I'm a fan of 2 coats min. Sanding Sealer brush/roll.

I've been using PVA glues for 45 years and have yet to have a failure. What are you using sanding sealer for in a glue up?
Like I said, on the open surfaces, the skin, finished flat areas, etc..
Can't use SS for glue-up, way to thin and brittle unless there's another element mixed in. I've mixed sawdust and sanding dust with SS and it's surprisingly useful. It's very much like Particle Board and is highly dependent on the SS viscosity.

And what size trailer are you building if you're pulling it from a goldwing?
Current size is either 5x10 or 5x12, probably the 12'.
I toyed with 14' and 16' but won't fit in a normal parking space even with the bike 90 degree to the trailer, 12' does.
I've also toyed with a 4'x12' where it opens to 7'.6" wide but the extra framing weight nixed that.
In the beginning I started out sketching a 5x8 trailer but we had a tent that size and found it to be cramped. One person needs to stand sideways for the other to pass. MMmmmm, not gonna work.


For my projected trailer size, it'll be a Hybrid Wood/Foamie.
Is it possible, FULL RV in a 48 Sq.Ft. footprint & stay under 500Lbs wet?
SHE thinks teardrops are "cute" but I prefer a SKOSH mo-room & at 65+ the
body doesn't react/extract/move/mend/bend/lend or work like it use'ta.
NOW! Those unwanted guests moving in, Mr. 'Arther I. Tus' & Ms. DVT (grrr)
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