Building your own fenders.

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Building your own fenders.

Postby Docksider » Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:02 pm

I've decided to try to build my own fenders. Imagine the exact shape of the top half of a stop sign and that's pretty much it. I'm making them 12" deep and 37 " in length. This will give me 4" all around the wheel. Made from wood...I used pine. They will be covered in fiberglass then given a rubberized coating. The trailer was made from a 14 ft. camper trailer. It was cut into three sections leaving the springs and axle in place on the center section. The rear section was used here and there on the rest of the project. In the rear of the trailer I extended the frame upward on a 45 degree angle to match the teardrop shape...military style. I used the 4" x4" square tubing as a bumper from the original trailer. The look is awesome and quite different from the norm.
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