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Re: Offroad trailer suspension

Postby Lucky J » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:40 pm

working on it wrote:
Lucky J wrote:[list][*]

I don't agree that a leaf spring axle is too "bouncy" to ride right, and that only Timbren axles, or torsion axles are the way to go. I like, trust, and have easily repaired leaf spring axles, before, and wouldn't write them off to history, as being out-dated .......

I think that we mis understood each other. I am not counting out spring leave suspension either. The 3500 pds dexter axle I have on my utility/off road trailer is flex ride /torflex type. And what I do not like about it, is that it is to stif for camping duty, (light load) and perfect for utility duty (heavier load). But I like the fact that it is a heavy duty axel set-up. When I ordered it to replace my weak 1500 pds leaf spring axle that was on it, I was thinking about the 3500 pds hubs and spindle, but forgot about the fact that the spring load would most of the time be to much.

Now, If I would go with srping leaf, I would have the same problem with that trailer, cause my load is way to different for the different use I make out of it. But I do have a spare spindle and radius arm with a fully built hub with me all the time for out off bound travel. I hated to be stuck for speciality broken parts.

But even with the now new to us teardrop, my plan is to build a real off road expedition trailer from my old jeep YJ tub with a RTT. That one would be built with long travel leaf spring with purpose built load and 3500 pds hubs.

But the TD, I want the softer ride possible and a load range that can adapted according to the type of road I travel. Only air ride can do thise rapidly.

Now, back to my original question, I still want to know what was used as joint for the Trailing arms of that air suspension, and if it is still working fine.
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Re: Offroad trailer suspension

Postby VORSHEER Trailers » Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:34 am

I would stick with Timbren independent suspension for off-road.

The ground clearance you will achieve with Timbren will surpass your truck or SUV. So if you drive over it, you know your trailer will too. No worries about hitting the bottom of your trailer.

If you really want to build an off-road trailer then Timbren will probably be the suspension you're using:
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Re: Offroad trailer suspension

Postby ArkansasDon » Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:14 am

it all comes down to how far back in the back country you want to go. I pondered on axleless axles on my 1st build end up with a leaf spring & straight axle w\shock set up (24" of chassis clearance & 14" of axle to ground clearance). That trailer took me & the wife to all of our offroad destinations whether in fair trails to rough washed out trails. (3rd photo)
My current trailer modification build, I put the same type suspension system on a new 2019 Runaway Range Runner (2nd photo): I removed the original trailer suspension & hangers & kept the 3500lb Dexter Axle. I install heavier spring hangers, 31" leaf springs, Dexter Axle Flip Kit, shock & mounts. The ground clearance I gain was the same on my 1st trailer build, 24" classis clearance, 14" of axle to ground clearance. We've taking this squaredrop 30 miles back in off the main National Forest Dirt Roads in pretty rough terrain, approach is important, we crawled over exposed rock, used our recovery boards for bridging, dealt with off camber roads w\turns, creek crossings with eroded banks never had any issues getting to our destination. Known your vehicles & trailers limitations (I didn't build a belly dragger),good offroad coupler & hitch, recovery gear on board & plain ol' common sense works.

I drive a full size 2000 GMC Z71 with some suspension add-on's (Rancho), stock 5.3 motor w\performance built transmission 12,000lb winch w\75ft of 3\8" Master Pull synthetic winch line, recovery gear under the rear seat, on board air compressor & recovery traction boards.

It all comes down to what "you" want as of offroad suspension & feel is best for your situation.
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