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Postby Lucky J » Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:40 pm

working on it wrote:
Lucky J wrote:[list][*]

I don't agree that a leaf spring axle is too "bouncy" to ride right, and that only Timbren axles, or torsion axles are the way to go. I like, trust, and have easily repaired leaf spring axles, before, and wouldn't write them off to history, as being out-dated .......

I think that we mis understood each other. I am not counting out spring leave suspension either. The 3500 pds dexter axle I have on my utility/off road trailer is flex ride /torflex type. And what I do not like about it, is that it is to stif for camping duty, (light load) and perfect for utility duty (heavier load). But I like the fact that it is a heavy duty axel set-up. When I ordered it to replace my weak 1500 pds leaf spring axle that was on it, I was thinking about the 3500 pds hubs and spindle, but forgot about the fact that the spring load would most of the time be to much.

Now, If I would go with srping leaf, I would have the same problem with that trailer, cause my load is way to different for the different use I make out of it. But I do have a spare spindle and radius arm with a fully built hub with me all the time for out off bound travel. I hated to be stuck for speciality broken parts.

But even with the now new to us teardrop, my plan is to build a real off road expedition trailer from my old jeep YJ tub with a RTT. That one would be built with long travel leaf spring with purpose built load and 3500 pds hubs.

But the TD, I want the softer ride possible and a load range that can adapted according to the type of road I travel. Only air ride can do thise rapidly.

Now, back to my original question, I still want to know what was used as joint for the Trailing arms of that air suspension, and if it is still working fine.
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