CamperDave says Hi!

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CamperDave says Hi!

Postby CamperDave » Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:08 pm

Greetings from Sunny Florida!
Grew up camping in New England. Started with Mom and Dad taking the family up to NH and ME, been in my life ever since.
Spent lots of trips on the ground in a tent. Moved up to a pop-up, then made a huge leap to a 30' toyhauler.
My wife and I down-sized to Florida a few years ago, started thinking about camping again.
Since I have always liked to build things, been doing a lot of thinking about a Tiny Trailer.
Found this site and have been lurking for a few weeks. This place really gets the creative juices flowing!

I believe the trailer in my avatar qualifies me as a fellow TT builder. I did a bit of motorcycling camping but always wanted more room to carry more stuff. You would not believe how much I hauled around in that. Hmmm, check that. I'm sure most of you would!

Hope you folks don't mind if I hang-out, learn a few things and probably ask a few questions that have already been answered :?
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