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Nova Scotia Newbie

Postby Randeb74 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:45 am

Hello all, I'm just in the decision process of building a teardrop trailer. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and we're having a beautiful summer. Doing a little boating and fiddling around. Thinking I would like to build a teardrop that slides onto a standard utility trailer. Those nice galvanized trailers that you can buy anywhere look like an ideal platform to me and then you can just slide it off and put the utility part to work. Who else has done this and what are the problems? I guess I'm assuming that they make them with removable sides but maybe not. Better start there. Nice to join the community, looks interesting.

C ya, Randy
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Re: Nova Scotia Newbie

Postby drhill » Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:58 pm

Hi Randy, Looks like you posted a week ago but nobody wants to answer your question.

There have been a number of removable teardrops built with various results. It sounds like a few removed them once or twice and gave up. To do it right takes a little planning. I built mine 3 years ago and it has been on and off the trailer at least a dozen times. The trailer I custom built myself. It has stake pockets that are on the inside rather than the outside of the frame and those are used when lifting the camper off the trailer. It is all done with a hydraulic floor jack and just by myself. A scissor jack would work just fine too. The camper is lifted and then supported by 2x4's supported by the garage wall on one end and by stands on the other end. Then the trailer is rolled out and used for hauling firewood or whatever and then rolled back under the camper for storage.

user "edgeau" is just finishing his. He used a more elaborate system with 4 scissor jacks and stands. It is a more complicated system but has the advantage he can lift and store it anywhere. The stands that edgeau uses would let him support the camper anywhere in his shop to work on it.

Either way, the important thing is that both these systems involve lifting the camper with mechanical equipment which is easy and safe. Some have tried lifting with a bunch of people or sliding the camper on and off. Both these ways are bound to lead to frustration and possible damage to the camper and the people involved.

Now that I started it, lots of people will let you know why they think you should or shouldn't do this. Three years ago I owned 5 trailers, I am glad that I finally have one that can serve more than a single purpose.
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