Hello from Ontario, Canada

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Hello from Ontario, Canada

Postby jadephoenixx » Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:39 am

Hi everyone.

Just joined over the weekend and have learned tons already from reading the posts on this forum. Hubby and I don't have a teardrop yet but are seriously considering buying one from theteardroptrailer.com as they're local and they build to order. We've been playing with the idea of getting a travel trailer the past few years but the problem always came back to having to buy a tow vehicle since we drive a Nissan Altima that can only tow 1000 lbs. I'm not thrilled with that idea because even with getting a used 2nd vehicle for towing, it would add $10K+ to our cost, and that's $10K for a car that we'll only be using a 1-2 times/month for 3-4 months out of the year...seems like a waste.

A couple of weeks ago, while watching YouTube videos on camping tips, I came across a video about teardrops and after some quick research, we decided that this was the perfect solution! Aside from our Altima being able to tow it, we were looking for something that we can use for camping as an upgrade to tents and for short road trips. We're 99% sure we're going to buy one to use next summer, but before making the final decision, we're going to check out a Little Guy dealer this weekend since we've never seen a teardrop in person so it's probably a good idea that we do before buying one. :)

Hubby and I are soooo excited and are already planning all the places we want to go next summer. Looking forward to learning all the tips and tricks of teardrop ownership from the experts here.

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