New to the forum from Michigan

This is the place where you can introduce yourself, and include a photo if so desired.

New to the forum from Michigan

Postby Raymac1963 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:04 pm

Thanks for the add Mike...

Sadly, i don't have a teardrop yet, But I have been working my way towards a Intech Max Flyer for the last few months. :twisted: Just don't tell my wife. I found a dealer with a silver one the matches my truck. Anyway, I always tent camp so I figured i could get some tips, and see what other people are doing to their trailers, since this is a new level for me.

I'm a BSA Assistant Scout Master, so i camp A LOT. Our troops admittedly bad joke is we're like the Army reserves, we camp one weekend a month rain or shine, heat or snow, then 2 weeks for summer camp. (No offense to the Armed Services) But thats a lot of time in the woods. Look forward to learning a lot from you all.

This is my current rig that i hall my personal gear in.
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Re: New to the forum from Michigan

Postby jondbar628 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:05 pm

Very cool little gear rig Raymac. Looks homebuilt? If you built that, you'll fit right in - you've already got the chops. Don't be deterred that you haven't received a lot of response - timing is everything, and occaisional "dead times" occur here, as in other forums........Also folks don't always hit the "newbies" forum, but will respond when you go to another one.............jd
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