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New member from VA

Postby Ottsville » Fri May 11, 2018 7:31 am

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience!

I stumbled across stomperxj's Sawtooth xl ( ... -xl.18142/ ) a few years back and have been drooling over teardrops and small trailers since. We currently own an Rpod and though my wife wants something larger I want something more efficient. It's the two of us and a soon-to-be teenager so we will probably end up with something a bit larger than the Rpod for all three of us, but I still want to build an off-roadish teardrop.

My current thought is to do a teardrop build as a father/son project, maybe a simple, more traditional wooden teardrop as a starter and use that for experience before building what I really want to build. I've been looking through builds over on expedition portal and have been collecting ideas.
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Re: New member from VA

Postby Ron Dickey » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:47 am


What project have you started.

We have had several father on son and other family projects.

one friend built his he lives on a main hyw and a passer by saw it and gave them an offer they could not refuse they are now working and a new improved trailer.
both side walls are up...cabinet needs stain.......ongoing 2.5 yr bld build as i find time..... Cross Bow in Build Journals....viewtopic.php?f=50&t=54108
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