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New guy here

Postby dj6smith » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:49 pm

Hey gang,

As a long time lurker, just gathering ideas and information, I first wanted to say thanks for all of the great tips and pics I’ve seen over the years.

I’m only in the infancy stage of my 1st build. I have purchased the 1/4” ply for my template, ordered and received stabilizer legs and a tongue jack, and that is all.

I have followed several build threads on here and am considering purchasing the Steve Frederick Shop Manual but had a question about it before ordering that I thought maybe someone who has used it in the past could answer.

I am a hobbyist woodworker and feel very comfortable with his build method but I have very limited knowledge when it comes to wiring the thing for both 12v and shore power (transformers, inverters, converters, etc just become a blur). Does his manual cover, in detail, any, or all, of the potential power supply scenarios and how to wire everything together, or is it more focused on the building of the structure itself? Does it spell out what products I’ll need to purchase for complete electrical or should I just find out all of that elsewhere. I want to charge from the tow vehicle, utilize shore power when available, run all the exterior trailer lights and interior TD power requirements, possible add solar in the future and make it as clean as possible. Could someone tell me if this manual gets into that kind of detail? Sure wish there was a “sample” on his website but all I see is the front cover.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: New guy here

Postby tony.latham » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:43 pm

His manual goes into detail on how he does a 12V system and a power strip for a shore-power 120 system.

You can pull that 12V/120V stuff from this forum ––but I'd still get his manual.

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