another new punter from down under

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another new punter from down under

Postby cheaterparts » Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:15 am

Yes another aussie joined the board

My name is Stephen and I'm from the South East Burbs of Melbourne Australia - we don't see a lot of tear drops here in the lower states but I can see the advantages of one
Atm I use a tent trailer that I built a bit over 12 months back and of cause it's an on going project but it has been coming along quite well and I have used it more than a few times
the tent trailer came about as I fitted a new larger tent assembly to my bosses camper ( a fold out with 2 queen size beds ) which left a VG trailer tent going begging - I picked that up for $ 300 with the anex and anex walls and just had to make a trailer - the easy bit

that project snow balled from there --- I post my build soon

I have a couple of other projects on the go a new strip built sea kayak and I have make a new kayak trailer - I don't car top as my kayaks are a bit long including my fishing kayak

once they are out of the way I may be looking for something else to build and a tear drop looks like a good project to get me out in the shed


My beast with my fishing kayak on board - the trailer is a bit over 18 ft over all
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