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New from Vermont

Postby VTSteve » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:19 pm

Another teardrop wannabee here. Finally retired and looking forward to building my own. For the last few years I have been active in long distance bicycle touring so a lot of the same mind set and basic knowledge about things like camping and simplifying things are already there. I view traveling in a teardrop as a luxury compared to bicycle touring. Finding a happy medium where I can maintain simplicity while still enjoying some level of comfort and convenience seems to be what teardrops are all about, at least for me.
I have really been enjoying reading about all the different approaches to building a teardrop and I am aware that there are those who even pull teardrops around on their bicycles. Here in Vermont where the terrain is quite hilly I can't imagine lugging all that weight with a bike. Guess I am getting old.
I have some experience in similar materials and construction methods as I worked as a commercial outdoor advertising sign designer/fabricator for many years. But a lot has changed since I was involved in that business and the biggest problem I am having is finding suitable materials. I no longer have commercial accounts with some suppliers so finding something like 3/8 or 1/2 inch two sided MDO plywood is pretty difficult to come by in my area and when I can find it its expensive and the quality is not what it used to be some 20 years ago. I think this would be a great material for side walls since I can paint that material so it will last 20 plus years outdoors but I am leaning toward using HD available "exterior" grade plywoods and coating everything in epoxy/fiberglass externally and using a combination of xps foam and other coatings like "the mix" on the interior. I sort of chuckled when I read that this mysterious "mix" was nothing more than thinning varnish and letting it soak into the wood before re-coating. I always thought that was how you always varnished everything! Thin the first coat like 5 to one with spirits or turps and let it soak in.
It will be a while till I get going on my build but I will try to detail what I am doing so others can see. I know I have already learned a lot from others who have taken the time to document what they are doing and I really appreciate their efforts.
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