2013 Mirage XPO 6x12- Mt Air Express

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Re: 2013 Mirage XPO 6x12- Mt Air Express

Postby hankaye » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:16 pm

Rainier70, Howdy;

I think you are doing an extreamly outstanding job with the new trailer. The lessons
you learned from the first are showing with this one.
:thumbsup: , :thumbsup: , :D .

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Re: 2017 Mirage XPO 7x16- Mt Air Express

Postby Rainier70 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:46 am

Thanks, Hank! This build is considerably different since I built it as a camper only and not to haul the motorcycles. That alone makes a huge difference in floor plan and design possibilities. This one is just to keep me in comfort while adventuring.

One other thing that I have found very helpful is a shoe organizer next to the door. It's great for collecting all of the "stuff" that seems to go in and out and otherwise ends up on a counter somewhere. I have all kinds of things collecting in mine; binoculars, a weather radio, flashlight, hand sanitizer, wipes, levels, sunglasses, reading glasses, camera, phone, keys and on and on. :? Oh and occasionally a few shoes. :lol:


My magnetic mosquito net "screen door" is tied back out of the way next to it.
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