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Re: 6x14 Build Log

Postby tylerjd » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:24 pm

Ottsville wrote:Nice build. Like the way you hang the bike.

Also, those cams have way too much anodizing on them...less sport more trad. :lol:

Haha I took that pic the day I bought my rack. They're nicely scratched now - Donner Summit, Lovers Leap, Bowman, and soon to be Tuolumne/Valley this weekend. Haven't sport climbed in months! :thumbsup:

beachguy005 wrote:Re: Wiring your batts....here's an interesting article on charging your batts properly.

https://www.impactbattery.com/blog/tuto ... -parallel/

Nice! Mine is now "balanced" - didn't know about "perfect balance". But I'm thinking I'm good for now.
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Re: 6x14 Build Log

Postby Mark959 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:18 pm

Looks great, you've made a ton of progress!

Check to see if you can get a car charger for your laptop, if you don't have any other AC-mandatory items then you can save power by not running the inverter. But you have tons of extra power with those solar panels so it might not be a concern to you. Mine was from Pwr+, and should be about 87.5% efficient if not more.

Those panels should be just fine as is, it took me driving into 80+ mph head winds with the folding arms unlocked to wreck anything the first time. If you are paranoid I would just cover the bottom with plastic so there is less wind resistance to the solar panel framing.

If you haven't vented the compost bathroom yet, I might recommend trying a "Reverse flow" setup, where you have a fan above pulling in fresh air, and vents down low for the air to exit. Keeps the fumes out of your face that way :thumbsup:. Just make sure the venting is capable, otherwise you might pump some smell into the living quarters
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Re: 6x14 Build Log

Postby fourbtgait » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:11 pm

I installed Firestone air bags on the 4Runner, they keep the TV level, can actually raise it some. Tongue weight I keep about 325-350 fully loaded, 4Runner hitch weight maximum 500. I see no need for WD hitch with such low numbers. I run a 6” drop hitch on the road to keep trailer level, if a FS road is bad, I would stop and change the hitch to a higher one, but then the ass might drag.
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