Another 7x17 CT build F150 2.7 Eco TV

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Re: Another 7x17 CT build F150 2.7 Eco TV

Postby McDave » Fri Feb 02, 2018 1:34 pm

NotJammer wrote:Got a Kill a Watt checking 120 VAC consumption. On startup, it pulled 44 watts and now on Engel recommended setting 3 of 5 it pulls 36 watts 120 VAC. Can't check 12 VDC yet."

Watts are watts.....

" This CTC may be used a Film Darkroom, so I want complete blackout. The 2 windows will get Dark Slides, which are black Coroplast ... /205437929 It weighs nothing and will slide in and out of ruler slats screwed into the wall. I know this will be good enough for well-lit campgrounds, moon, and stars but may not work for full Sun. No big deal I can use the Darkroom at night.

I'm an old-time camera nut and may put a porthole in my CT so the whole thing is a camera obscura. ... ox-camera/

Which anybody can do and just sit inside and look the image. That's fun too. Any TD or CTC will work if you can make it very dark inside. You don't even need a lens. Just a small hole! Ask me if interested.

Been there, done that.
No windows, only 180deg peepholes mounted N,S,E AND West walls, Helps with stealth and privacy as well.

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Re: Another 7x17 CT build F150 2.7 Eco TV

Postby NotJammer » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:41 pm

I'm going to install the furnace in the left side of the V. raised by 3/4 plywood with no outside access, Just a 3.5" hole for the stove pipe. 2 piped outlets, A short piece to middle V room side. Second longer vent to under the permanent bed. If it needs service I can slide it out from an inside door. I also want a small 12X12" inlet air filter built in.

The Engel ran all night in 72 F. Checking duty cycle showed it made Ice in an hour and stabilized at 9-minute cycle 2 min on 7 off. It surge starts to 50 watts, cuts back to 45 watts and off cycle it uses 6.4 watts. Seems good. I want it in the V by the front right side door, so I can just lean in and grab something if cooking outside.

The whole V 36" plus 14" to the door will be 42'" high bench/countertop.

Everything gas and electric including batteries go under that. Single 40 Lb propane tank on tow tongue. Spare 10 lb tank in the truck bed. Gas grill and spare tank connections on the tongue.

2 40 gallon freshwater tanks will go over the wheels. No grey or black tanks. No toilet. My 300 lb scooter is moving to the far back right. Next to it will be a 42" high folding 72"X20" benchtop. Bed will be high, at least 32" maybe 40". More room underneath.

Stuff may change position as I find my optimal tongue weight. 500 lbs. I can adjust with a couple heavy tool boxes the will be bolted down.

I'm a hack carpenter. But it will be sturdy!

My deadline is June 1.
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Re: Another 7x17 CT build F150 2.7 Eco TV

Postby NotJammer » Thu May 10, 2018 8:22 pm

I'm back and finally some progress.

Put in the 42" high 48 X 78" triangle front desk? Bar height. I am not a woodworker. I sweated the measurements for cutting the 4 sided monster to the right shape. Third measurement finally seemed good enough so I cut. It's good enough. I had a Hell of a time getting the board in there by my weakling self. Now it's glued and screwed floating initially with no center supports.

But the Engle fridge and 2 burner gas stove had to fit somewhere. Not pretty and maybe never will be. I have lived in garages, this is paradise.

Been changing plans as I go, I always do. Now I want a small sink on the left front at 36" high.

The board pictured is going to be the bed in that location. It's actually a board I slept on for years installed on a pallet rack...remember the garage...

I have been finding great sources for parts I want. I am putting a 40 and 46-gallon tanks under the bed. One fresh and one grey so the weight will balance my motorbike on the other side. Either a Sportster or Honda PCX150. Depends on my state of arthritis.

Pics at the end. Here are some good sources. I drove through Indiana 3 weeks ago, it is booming with RV biz. They can't find enough workers, 3 shifts. Indy stunk of horrible air pollution, I couldn't breathe. Last time I ever go past Indy. I also have never seen so many flat tires. Somebody must be dumping nails. Evey make, model and year with flat tires every 2 miles for 60 miles. Then it was over. I made it to Ann Arbor for my other hobby.

Sources: ... 67YD0D2BNP

Walmart is fighting Amazon and now has free shipping with tons of RV parts.

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