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Re: 7x24 "Rustic" Toyhauler

PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:32 am
by McDave
Hey Rustic,

Wow! You have been busy. Glad to hear you were able to get some camping in as well. That ducted AC system sounds like a handful. My trailer is only 6 x 12 but there is plenty of air flow even on low speed to move stuff around. I just have the regular non-ducted vent plate. I am not sure if I have the PS3 but I do have an amp meter and watt meter on board. When the fan only is running on low I show about 175 watts and 1.6a. Then when the compressor kicks in I show about 700wt and 6.5a and it slowly ramps up to around 1150wt and 10a. I also have the rv power converter and some LED included in that number but they only draw 15 watts. High speed fan is about 300wt so maybe 1300watts total on hi cool. I have a Colman Mach 13500btu more than a decade old. I'm not sure why your unit wouldn't act the same way, but ... this may be a possible solution for you. ... t-starters
They have some other nice RV products as well. They are not cheap but what is anymore?

Here is a somewhat long winded video of an install where they run off a Westinghouse 2500 inverter/generator.

Hope this helps.