Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy bicycle frame

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Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy bicycle frame

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Aluminum, as one of the most widely used materials on a sport bike, has the greatest advantage of his weight. The rigidity and strength of aluminum are low, but aluminum can compensate for this deficiency by increasing the material per unit volume, while the weight is still small. In addition to other high-level materials for sports bicycles, the price of aluminum is very low. At present, the use of aluminum in the high-grade aluminum (6000 series, 7000 series) are used in the aerospace aspects of high-grade aluminum. Compared with the ordinary ordinary aluminum, these aluminum materials, whether in strength or rigidity have significantly improved. And manufacturers in order to ensure the strength, have taken the use of thicker pipe, increase the cross-sectional area of ​​the practice, so most of the aluminum frame looks very rough. The use of aluminum for a long time does not change much. Aluminum itself is very susceptible to corrosion of the metal, in the air almost no oxidation of aluminum, placed in the air immediately oxidized to form a thin oxide film.
Why not rust it? The reason is that the oxide film to a certain extent to prevent the continued rust, forming a dense oxide film (aluminum oxide). The oxide film is almost colorless and therefore the appearance is not easy to find changes (sometimes whitening) above are the advantages of aluminum, but this material also has two fatal

Aluminum alloy bicycle frame shortcomings
1. Aluminum sheet metal fatigue is poor. Aluminum to do the bicycle frame of the fatal weakness is riding this material to create the bike, the more the number of riding, the number of stress is also high, the intensity is also significantly cause changes. Recently, in order to seek light weight, many frames are made of thin materials (thin degree has reached the limit). These are the use of aluminum alloy without fatigue limit to make the frame, which is why in the professional use of strength under an aluminum frame can only support 2-3 years of reason.
2. Aluminum is not flexible and can not absorb the vibration of riding. Made of aluminum hard frame will be the vast majority of the vibration directly to the rider's body. Which makes the aluminum frame to sit up quite bumpy, ride the comfort is very poor.
Due to the two defects of aluminum, making it unsuitable for the general hard tail frame. But the competition XC cross-country frame most use aluminum alloy, this is because the weight of aluminum can be very light, and through the heat treatment and pumping technology can also get a lot of strength, which makes the aluminum frame race performance is Good (race performance, of course, will not consider the comfort of the players and the product life).
And the whole shock car will not have these scruples. With a completely independent shock-absorbing structure used to absorb the vibration, and add a more solid and soft glue and cushion, aluminum is not the flexibility of the shortcomings were completely neutralized. In addition, the lighter quality of aluminum makes it possible to make larger cut-off areas and local reinforcement in areas where strength is required. So, aluminum is a relatively mature and reliable material, and in the production of full shock absorber when the more advantages.

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