Anyone have/use a scooter?

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Anyone have/use a scooter?

Postby Yakcraz » Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:00 pm

We’ve converted from bikes to scooters simply because they take up less room & are easier to deal with. We have 2 Hover X1 electric scooters & 2 Razor A5 DLX kick scooters with upgraded bearings. Depending on where we’re staying & for how long, we decide on bringing the electric or the self powered. Anyway, anyone else pack a scooter with you?
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Re: Anyone have/use a scooter?

Postby Alvin » Fri May 01, 2020 1:28 pm

Hey I have a couple of scooters from Carolina Scooters one 48v 1800w it gets a range of about 20 miles depending on how fast you ride and a 36v 500w kick scooter. Both fold up and are carried in the trunk if a car. This company maintains all parts and a good service rep. However, that said my main transport are 2 home made electric bikes 26in with bbshd Banfang motor knits and shark pack 14.5ah batteries 40 mile range easily. Stayed a month in Quartzite Az. and a month in Puerto Pinasco Mexico and could go anywhere with them.

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Re: Anyone have/use a scooter?

Postby coyote » Tue May 05, 2020 10:04 am

Got a 250 Razer off Craigslist, for her "emergency" runs at parks, replaced bad battery, works perfect. Its handles adult, immediate start (not push startup), has optional add on seat. After 5 yr. dating, 47 yrs. married I learned, she NEVER had a bicycle! :shock: She cant't/won't/afraid of it (trying to encourage). But,if the place we're camped is right.....I have a blast running, shower/trash run, campfire visiting! ( No, I don't leave her out we walk together lots and drive truck for her fast trips!) Coyote
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