Recent cheapie folders any any good?

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Recent cheapie folders any any good?

Postby JaggedEdges » Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:19 pm

Hi folks,

Wondering what's around in cheap folding bikes these days, 20" wheel okay, seeing new MTB style also. Back in the day late 80s I guess, they were one of the cheapest bikes you could buy for several years. Seems not so much now. Read the folder thread down there, several years old though, was in two minds whether to necromance it or start fresh.

I baulk at riding anything worth more than $200, I wanna use it for a means of transport, not be attached to it by an umbilical for fear of it getting swiped. I guess I could shitty rattle can them as soon as I get them, but then they look previously stolen LOL. (And I swear there are scrappers round here that will bolt cut a lock for the $2 it adds to their weigh in.)

I know you "serious" guys probably think they are good for absolutely nothing, but the bike you've got with you is always better than the bike you left at home. I know they are on-road bikes, but will tend to get ridden on some packed gravel rail trails, possibly hard mud unfinished roads and do 5 or 10 mile jaunts, trips to the beach etc.

I'm up for ordering direct, worked on my own bikes since about the age of 7, so don't see a need to get it assembled. Come to think of it, I could handle finding old frames and custom building, but wanna be lazy on this one. Shipping price is all over the place though, seems some folders ship out as little as $40, but then some are quoted at $150 or worse, like a large frame full size, not sure if that's just "generic bike shipping" price. However if anyone knows any Ontario dealers or failing that, Canadian with cheaper lines, then that would be great.


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Re: Recent cheapie folders any any good?

Postby Fenlason » Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:24 pm

Does it need to be folding? The ability to fold.. generally adds to the cost. If the ability to fold is not needed.. I would look around at bike shops for a used mountain bike. Most current mountain bikes have disc brakes.. and larger wheel sizes… this makes the older 26" wheel size..with rim brake bikes.. less valuable but still very adequate for what you want.. and quite serviceable.

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