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Postby bobhenry » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:34 am

Yesterday April 12th 2012 was my first day living in the House in a house. It has been 8 years I have had my little hideaway. It has gone from my home and safe haven to a way to full storage barn. A lot has happened in that 8 years. The land lady had me build a tractor barn for her and we shared the cost of installing electric service to it. The caboose finally found a forever home ( hopefully) and a buddy and I have built the depot as a sister annex to the caboose with a trailer mounted 8 x 20 party deck between. They share the electric service with the barn. This December we finished the landlady's stained glass studio which I am also using as a wood shop. It also is served by the same electric service from the barn ( and yes we still have circuits to spare) The latest experiment is a small sales shop in a little hamlet just two miles away where we are selling used furniture with a history. In my dumpster diving I tripped over a once in a lifetime opportunity to harvest free furniture from a 230 plus room hotel ( yes I said free) We have already collected and stored over $8,000 worth of furniture assessed at my very meager prices. Then the bug came to bug us and life ( and sales) have all but stalled but life will rebound soon. I continue to refine the caboose and my small piece of heaven in my little corner of the farm. Tiny living has had it's rewards. My electric and phone are paid thru June, the rents on the shop and house in a house are thru June ,and insurance and plates are all done thru early spring next year. Now fully retired I am amazed how damn busy I still am despite having almost 50 extra hours a week to dedicate to my other adventures.
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Postby Woodbutcher » Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:03 am

Good to hear you are still plugging along Bob. I enjoy following your adventures. Good luck in the future, hope you will join us when we can camp again.
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Postby Gold5one » Sat Apr 25, 2020 5:23 pm

I went back to work last week on a new city fire station- to get out of being house bound! I celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my 35th birthday this month and have been retired now for over 11 years- time sure flies.
I hope normal life returns ASAP. I am glad that all is well at your "forever" place Bob- That means no more exciting installments on the travails of dealing with the mean code enforcement police!
I am kinda bummed out- the Hillbilly Days festival in Pikeville , Ky was cancelled this month!!- maybe they will have it this fall. I was so looking forward to riding in the parade with my kinfolk from the holler. :)

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