Wanted - Original 1947 Kit TD Propane Tank

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Wanted - Original 1947 Kit TD Propane Tank

Postby mountainminded » Sat May 23, 2020 1:15 pm

Wanted - Original 1947 Kit TD propane tank. I’m currently building a period correct 1947 Kit teardrop and I’ve got everything for the job except that elusive, tiny, Manchester propane tank that was bolted to the galley floor below the ice box. I realize these are extremely rare but in the chance you know of one I will gladly purchase or trade. Yep, I know— it would be difficult to make it certified and usable again and that’s ok. It would essentially be used as a prop. I currently have six of the original Port-O-Stove in working condition with original knobs— let’s make a deal!
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