XBOW (Xtreme Bed On Wheels) Build

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Re: XBOW (Xtreme Bed On Wheels) Build

Postby noseoil » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:50 pm

I think 3/4" for a bulkhead is just a bit of overkill. If you were running dado joints all over it on both sides to fasten & glue panels in place, I suppose it might be OK. Typically, it isn't necessary for the loads running through it on a small teardrop. Your home cabinets are made with 1/4" backing on the boxes & they are strong enough for base units & uppers.

I used 1/4" with no problem & It's plenty strong. By milling a dado into the walls & the deck, it's held in place very well with glue. The spar at the top is the "4th side" of the box & it becomes a solid part of the build, but is light as well. With cabinets fastened to it front & back, there's no place for it to go. I just don't see a need for the cost, weight & strength of 3/4" material in this place on a build as small as a teardrop. YMMV!
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Re: XBOW (Xtreme Bed On Wheels) Build

Postby S. Heisley » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:59 pm

:thumbsup: I like the new layout plan a lot better, both looks and roominess. Also, I think that you would be okay with 60" width instead of 54". (I wouldn't go 52"). Is your chassis only 52-54"? ( 54" is the width of a full sized mattress. 60" is the width of a queen sized bed. )
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Re: XBOW (Xtreme Bed On Wheels) Build

Postby Dirtclod » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:06 am

Noseoil, Thanks for the reply. You are correct on the cabinets, my Keystone travel trailer is full of 1X2's covered in cheap plywood. Good enough for them, I guess should be good enough for me. I really wasn't thinking about the extra weight of it. So maybe stick build and skin with 1/4 birch may be the way to go. Thanks again for the advice.

Sharon, Thanks for the vote of confidence on the new profile. I like to better as well and you are right, it will seem more roomy. My trailer frame is 60 wide between wheel wells so the inside will be approx 58 wide. I still plan on stuffing a queen size trifold mattress in there.

I spent yesterday welding mounting points to trailer since I neglected to have the trailer builder add them. DOH :oops:
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